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Today I’m blogging just because I said ill blog.  So obviously I will not be blogging every day but at least I get to do this once a week.  Today is my day off…yes, no volunteering at the school, no washing or ironing, just get to do what I want.  I chose to spend it sorting out my linen closet and bagging winter blankets and extra bedding.  I feel all proud of myself.  I would like to see if I can tackle the baby’s drawers and make some of my famous mac and cheese for dinner.  We’ll see if I can fit it all in.  I feel very thankful and blessed for my great life; I get to choose what it is I do and how I will fill my time.  Also today is day 2 of my 2 day cleanse and I have not eaten a thing today (granted it is only 10:18 and I am doing mac and cheese for dinner).  I am focused and sweat is dripping down my back from all the hard work I’m doing today.  Proud momma indeed! Still have to find Ky’s missing library book L


So it’s true, everyone does have a blog and I have been sucked in too.  I don’t know exactly what it is that I will be blogging about, since I am doing this not to seem crazy when I’m thinking out loud to myself.  I need to make sense of these thoughts I am having.  Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with my life!  In fact I think it is the kind of life that most people would puke about.  It is pretty near perfect.  The loving husband, 2 beautiful kids, a stunning home. Perfect!  Here’s the deal; I recently quit the “professional” scene for home life with honey and the kids.  All of my friends said that I would not be able to do it, that I would get bored and go crazy, and be back to work within a month.  Boy did I show them…It has been 2 ½ months now and I am actually loving it! Well since it is my first post I will keep it short and go and figure out what my Kindergartener and I am going to be doing for his teachers for tomorrow’s teacher’s day.