So its day 2 and I came back…As I am sitting there feeding my 9 month old I’m contemplating my contribution to the household.  My brain tells me that I am having such a positive impact on my children’s lives and on our health and wellbeing.  For sure my own wellbeing!  J is eating his pureed papaya and vegetable breakfast and I feel extremely proud, as a working mom he would have had store bought rice serial every morning (Not that there is anything wrong with store bought stuff – but would you like to eat the same thing every day?).  Anyway, it makes me feel good to know his little body is well nourished.  This morning when I was thinking about the blog, it was hard to decide what I will be writing about today and I had so many things I could not choose.  Now that I finally am doing it, it’s all gone.  I think I will stick to what we conjured up for Teacher’s day.

I found a lemon loaf on pinterest and it looked fabulous. Ky and I made 2.  One for the teacher and one for the family.  Be warned, with 2 cups of butter and 8 eggs, there is no doubt in my mind that this cake could kill you slowly.  It did come out delicious and half of our loaf was shared with our two lovely retired teacher neighbors.  It is so worth the time.

The website from where I found the lemon loaf: